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Balancing Your Heating System

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Posted on: Fri Dec 15, 2017

BCS Heating and Cooling Can Balance Your Heating SystemBCS Heating & Cooling in Prescott knows that most newer homes have forced air heating and cooling systems, however many people don’t understand how they work. As the name implies, they change the temperature in the home by forcing air from a heating system powered by gas, oil or electricity throughout the ducting in your home. The forced air system then captures the cold air from the room and returns it to the main system to be reheated and disbursed again.

A common problem for forced air units is that the heat in different rooms around the house is not uniform - while some of the house is the right temperature, other rooms may be cold. This not only makes for an uncomfortable room, but can also increase your utility expense as people adjust the thermostat one way or another to try and keep their area at the proper temperature.

Some of the causes of an unbalanced system are:

Air register locations - placing supply and return air registers too close to one another, or placing them too high or too low on a wall or through a floor behind a couch or under a rug are examples of mistakes that can leave some areas of the home without good cooling or heating

Air Ducts - leaky ducts or even open duct connections, especially undiscovered in hidden areas like attics, can completely throw off the balanced cool or warm air flow distribution in a building even if the original duct layout and design were well done.

Duct layout - Unbalanced HVAC air flow or cool air or warm air delivery due to differences in HVAC duct length, diameter, bends, restrictions may fail to properly balance air flow across a long flat building, between building floors, or where ducts have to make torturous passage from one building area to another.

Duct size, material and cleanliness - Since these conditions can vary among various air duct segments in a building, obstructions will certainly create duct balancing problems that can take some trouble (and careful duct inspection) to resolve.

Duct Damper & Booster Fans - check to make sure that duct balancing dampers have not been manually left in the wrong position (shut, open when should be partly closed, etc) and that automatic devices such as duct balancing dampers and duct booster fans and their controls are in fact operating

If you find that you have symptoms of an unbalanced heating system in Prescott, like cold rooms, registers that don’t seem to be putting out enough heat, etc. help is as close of the phone. Just call BCS Heating & Cooling at 928-445-9700 and have one of our professional technicians take a look at your system and get it working as efficiently as possible and eliminate the cold areas in your home.



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