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Fall / Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips

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Posted on: Tue Jul 11, 2017

Keep your HVAC system in Prescott in good working order with the help of BCS Heating and Cooling Repair.It’s never too early to think about the efficiency of your heating system. Now is a good time to take care of a few basic things. Even though it’s still hot outside, we have some pleasant late afternoons, and still, some sunlight that extends into the evening hours. This is a good time to seal cracks around the home, apply weather stripping and maintain your heating system. BCS Heating and Cooling in Prescott offers some tips for do-it-yourself heating system care in Prescott.

Here’s how to keep your system in good shape and save money in the long run:

•    Ensure adequate airflow. Keep vegetation and debris from the exterior of your HVAC system. This will also prevent damage.

•    Prevent your air conditioner from turning on accidentally. Shut down your A/C for the winter, inspect for damage, and protect it with a cover.

•    Keep combustible products away from your heating system.

•    Increase proper air flow. A clean air filter will reduce dust, causing filters to clog. Inspect your filter and replace it as needed.

•    Maintain proper humidity levels. Change the water panel of your home’s humidifier. This will also reduce dry air problems.

•    Keep your system clean. Remove dirt and leaves from inside the cabinet. Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings. Clean the blower assembly, evaporator coil and burner assembly.

•    Check for damage. Inspect fan motor and blades for wear; it may be necessary to lubricate them. Inspect compressor and tubing for damage. Inspect airflow system (ductwork) for leaks.

There are some tasks best left to the professionals. Heating systems are composed of sensitive equipment which requires maintenance to improve performance and efficiency. BCS Heating and Cooling is available if you would like to schedule professional fall HVAC maintenance for your Prescott home. Trust BCS Heating and Cooling to provide essential cleaning, care, and inspection to ensure your heating system will work efficiently and keep your home comfortable through Prescott’s cold months. Call us today at 928-445-9700



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