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Ductwork Installation, Cleaning, and Repair

Duct cleaning and repair in Prescott by BCS Heating and CoolingDo you have hot or cold spots in your home of office? Are your utility costs unusually high? Do you notice dust coming from the vents of your heating and cooling system?


You should have your ductwork inspected!

The duct work in your home, office and business is not only important for proper heating and cooling but it is also important because it provides air for the system. A duct system that is set up properly will increase the effectiveness of your heating or cooling systems reducing energy use and increasing your savings on your energy bill.

Improperly set up systems are not only bad for your energy bill but also can be hazardous to your health!


Head off a bigger problem right away:

Did you know that if moisture is present in your heating or cooling system that mold and fungus can be present as well? Incorrectly installed filters do not correctly capture particles of dust, debris, and pollen. Systems that have been damaged or that have been set up incorrectly are at higher risk of microbiological growth if moisture is to collect. Moisture in the system can combine with the particles that would have been collected by the air filter. Help reduce this by having your system checked regularly and addressed before a small problem grows.


Our Duct Services

We can address

  • Hot Spots & Cold Spots
  • Inadequate air flow
  • Poor Connections
  • Damage (twisted/kinked)
  • Bad insulation

While we do not offer duct cleaning, we do offer replacement of existing ductwork which would solve nearly any issue! We also have many other repair or preventative maintenance services available that can help prevent issues that you may be experiencing.


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