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Heating Repair and Maintenance

Heating repair service in Prescott - BCS Heating and CoolingIs your heating system not able to keep up with the weather? Tired of bundling up inside your own home or office? Running personal space heaters to pick up the slack?


We can help heat things up again!

At BCS Heating and Cooling we can get your system running at peak efficiency... just give us a call and we will do the rest! Allow our experts to find your problem and fix it so you can enjoy being at home again, instead of shivering and looking for more blankets.

Our HVAC (Heating Cooling and Ventilation) technicians are available to assist you and your needs on your time. Have an issue with your heating system after hours? No Problem, we have emergency service available, you only need to request it.


Need to schedule your system maintenance prior to the change in seasons?

A heating system is quite the purchase and everyone during the winter months will agree that it is a worthwhile investment. Protect that investment by scheduling regular maintenance for your heating units. An inexpensive filter replacement could save you from extensive and costly repairs. Not only that but a well-maintained unit will save you money in energy costs. That is something we would all be happy with.


Heating System Services Offered:


Has your unit started sending out cold air? Slightly air? Or just plain stopped altogether? Don’t wait another day. Pick up your phone and call us. Day or night we will help you find the best solution and get your unit back up and running.


Has your unit been deemed unfixable? Do you need a replacement and not sure what your options are? Not all HVAC systems are created equal and some are better suited for different solutions. Speak with our HVAC technicians about possible unit that would best meet your needs all the while helping you save on your heating and cooling costs. Our service technicians will evaluate your current system and help you get into a quality, optimal and energy wise system.

Preventative Maintenance

Our HVAC technicians can help service your units and spot problems before they even become an issue. In most cases we can help avoid costly repairs just by inspecting, adjusting and maintaining proper operations of your heating units. Maintaining your unit annually helps address some of the common issues we see and in almost all cases, helps prevent failures.


Common heating system issues:

  • Pilot and ignition system problems
  • Wear and tear
  • Thermostat failures and malfunctions
  • Dirty and clogged filters
  • Lack of maintenance


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