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Questions about furnace filters and heating maintenance?

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Posted on: Thu Nov 09, 2017

heating maintenance in Prescott by BCS Heating RepairCan you remember the last time you replaced your furnace filter? Your furnace filter is something most of us think about too much, if at all. With the air is getting cooler, you will be using your heater, so now is the time to make sure your furnace is ready for the winter. BCS Heating and Cooling, your local Prescott heating maintenance company, says now is the time to take a minute and talk about your furnace filter.

Why should you replace the furnace filter?  Not only does a clean filter help your system work more efficiently, but keep in mind that all of their air you breathe comes through the filter when you have the heater on. A clean filter can help lower your utility bill, make your furnace last longer, help the family be healthier and even help keep your house cleaner.

How often should you replace it?  At a minimum, you should replace the filter about every three months. However, if you have anyone in the home suffering from allergies or breathing difficulties you may want to change the filter more often. In addition, if you have pets in your home, that also means you may want to change your filter more often due to the dander their hair expels.

How do I replace a filter? Based on the type of system you have, you will need to locate the filter. If your heater is on the roof or in the attic of your home, you should have a large register in the ceiling of your hallway, it will be there. If your unit is under the home, your filter should be near the floor in a large covered intake. Lastly, if your unit is in a closet, the filter may be inserted in the side of the unit, it may just slide out. Just reverse the process for adding the new filter. Be sure to look for arrows on the filter for direction of airflow. This will be important.

Other important points: You must replace the filter with the proper size. There should be no gaps once installed. All air should pass through the filter. Do not install damaged air filter either. Any gaps will allow dirt, debris, and hair to enter the system. This will cause issues down the road which will require air duct cleaning. This is a difficult task and can be prevented by properly installing and regularly replacing your furnace filter. 

Replacing your air filter is not a difficult task, one that is often forgotten, but very necessary. For many people, without large ladders, or the foggiest idea on these things, this does not have to be overwhelming. Contact BCS Heating and Cooling, we would love to help, and point you in the right direction! While we are on the subject, have you had your system inspected or maintained recently? You should have you gas furnace inspected and professional heating maintenance performed every year in the Prescott area. It is has been awhile, give us a call, we can replace the filter while we are there. Contact us today at 928-445-9700.



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