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Those funny smells coming from your heater

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Posted on: Thu Nov 16, 2017

BCS Heating and cooling discusses the importance of heating maintenance in PrescottYou just turned the heater on for the first time this season and you notice a funny smell coming through your heater vents. What do you do, ignore it? The answer is, Definitely No! The smell may be as simple as a dirty filter, but it could also indicate that your furnace needs servicing or that it has a faulty electrical connection. BCS Heating in Prescott would like to discuss some of the different smells you might experience and what to do about them.

Burning Dust Smell - During the warm months when you’re not using your heater, dust tends to accumulate on the heat exchanger and in the ducts. The first time you turn on the heater, you will smell the accumulated dust burning off and the smell may last for a few minutes, but then go away. If not, the filter may be dirty and should be replaced.

Musty smell - This normally indicates dirt and dust deposits in the air ducts. If this smell continues after a few minutes, it may mean there is mold in your air ducts or in the filter and it should be addressed.

Electrical Burning Smell - This could be as simple as a child’s toy or foreign object in the air duct or heater compartment, or be an overheating motor or electrical connection. It could also be something more serious like a cracked heat exchanger.

How to avoid costly heating repairs?

Regular maintenance on your furnace is a good way to avoid these smelly surprising when you start up the heater for the cold months. We suggest having your unit looked at every year before the cold weather sets in. If you wait too long, there can be any people who need the same servicing, this will lead to a delay or you may have to contact a less-than-reputable company during an emergency!

With scheduled heating maintenance in Prescott, our HVAC technicians will help service your units and spot problems, even before they become an issue. In most cases we can help you avoid costly repairs just by inspecting, adjusting, and maintaining proper operations of your heating units. Maintaining your unit annually helps address some of the common issues we see, and in almost all cases, helps prevent failures. If you would like to get your heater checked out and the filter changed before it gets cold, contact BCS Heating and Cooling at 928-445-9700.



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