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Why it might be a good idea for home owners to replace their AC unit this Fall

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Posted on: Thu Oct 12, 2017

Now that the Fall is here and the temperatures are cooling down, it’s a great time to consider getting your AC serviced, repaired, or replaced. BCS Heating and Cooling suggests doing any HVAC maintenance when the unit will not be in use, like when the weather is cold and AC isn’t needed. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it might be time to consider action.

Low Refrigerant or Leak: Air conditioners are filled with a liquid called a refrigerant that is the main cooling source in the system. A low refrigerant level, or leak can cause decreased cooling performance. A trained professional can refill or top-off your refrigerant or fix any leaks, if applicable. All of this will improve the performance of your AC unit and keep it running at peak efficiency.

Outside Fan is not Functional: A fan is responsible for purging the hot air out of your house. If this fan is broken, blocked, or performing poorly, heat transfer may not be able to take place. This could cause, at minimum, a warm house, and, at maximum, a broken AC unit.

Broken Compressor Fan: The compressor system is the system that cools your home. A broken compressor fan can cause the system’s compressor to overheat and turn off or potentially damage the compressor itself. A specialist will diagnose the issue, assess any damage, and he will repair or replace the fan if necessary.

Frozen Condenser Coils: If your air conditioner’s condenser coils freeze, could shut off or become damaged. Dirty air filters, low refrigerant, blocked return air ducts, and poor airflow can cause ice to form on the coils. A home AC repair technician can diagnose the cause of the frozen coils, resolve it, and safely thaw your coils to restore cooling in your home.

Drainage Issues: Changes in temperature cause condensation. If there is a problem with the drainage system problem, water can back up and damage the system. A technician can inspect, clear and treat the lines to prevent algae growth and water backup.

Faulty or Bad Wiring: Improperly installed wiring can stop the function of your AC unit and even trip or damage your circuit breaker. Any wiring performed by a certified technician can prevent risk or fire hazard

Preventing these problems can be a piece of cake with proper maintenance, as almost all of these problems can be discovered during a professional routine maintenance. BCS Heating and Cooling can help with these issues and prepare you for the heat of next season. Call 928-445-9700 today to schedule a professional AC technician that can fix all of your problems.



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